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Palm Beach County real estate in Lake Worth offers a mid-size coastal community with an extraordinary climate, beautiful landscape, great quality of life and a friendly atmosphere. New residents come from all over to live in Lake Worth because of its proximity to Atlantic Ocean beaches, the Lake Worth Lagoon, exciting festivals, cultural diversity, strong social and environmental consciousness, and opportunities to live in a variety of price ranges depending on needs. Real Estate of Florida will help you find the right home in your price range in Palm Beach County real estate in Lake Worth today!

Lake Worth, listed as a National Register landmark, offers residents a rich history to live among with more than 1,000 historic buildings, six designated historic districts and the historical Museum of the City of Lake Worth in the City Hall Annex. It is one of few towns in South Florida committed to keeping its historic character and determined to retain its old-Florida flavor by avoiding high-rise development.

Downtown Lake Worth, the Artistic Soul of the town, offers residents and visitors a variety of opportunities to experience history with its museum, historic theater and Lake Worth Playhouse; enjoy live music; sip on delicious coffee; entertain artists and antique collectors; and shop and dine until their hearts are content!

Education and recreation are two major parts of the Lake Worth community with opportunities for salt and freshwater fishing and boating, beach activities, parks and athletic facilities, a waterfront amphitheater and a municipally-owned golf course. Lake Worth has four public elementary schools, and Lake Worth High School is the premier public high school in Palm Beach County, boasting its nationally recognized magnet and prototype programs.

Palm Beach County real estate in Lake Worth draws visitors and residents with its individual style, acceptance of different lifestyles and cultures, various historic monuments and hip downtown. Call Real Estate of Florida today to live in one of Lake Worth’s distinct residential neighborhoods.

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Updated: Thursday, August 22, 2019

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