Pompano Beach  

Broward County real estate in Pompano Beach boasts the clearest, warmest waters and amazing fishing and diving! Real Estate of Florida will help you settle into this vintage beach town that’s named after the fish found exclusively in the South Florida waters of the Atlantic Coast and is home to an annual seafood festival, fishing tournaments and weekly green market.

Pompano Beach, home to the Goodyear Blimp, basks in Florida food culture with hundreds of notable local restaurants including Broward County’s oldest restaurant Cap’s Place Island Restaurant. With its old Florida charm, the restaurant has served Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Meyer Lansky, Al Capone and Mariah Carey. Other local favorites include award-winning Darrel & Oliver’s Café Maxx, Calypso Restaurant, Chez Porky’s BBQ, Joe’s Riverside Grille, Jack’s Old Fashion Hamburger House, and Galuppi’s that offers an American country club dining feel situated on the golf green of the Pompano Beach Golf Course.

When you live in Pompano Beach, you can go fishing, enjoy a delicious gourmet lunch at a well-known local restaurant and then go shopping in one of the best shopping paradises in Florida – the Florida Festival Flea Market features more than 500 shops and restaurants in its quarter-mile long mall.

Pompano Beach is also appreciated for its rich history. Still a private residence, the Cap Campbell House, known for its termite-resistant pine, is one of the oldest standing structures in South Florida, dating back to the early 1900s. The Sample-McDougald House is one of South Florida’s most historic structures, dating from the Pioneer Era of northern Broward County.

Listed by CNN, Money Magazine and the Wall Street Journal as one of the top real estate markets and one of the country’s top vacation home markets, Pompano Beach has a lot to offer you! Contact Real Estate of Florida today to find your dream home in this prime location!

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Updated: Thursday, July 18, 2019

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